Friday, 4 February 2011

blue coral ring

Wore my newly acquired blue coral ring to an annual dinner last Thursday and got so many compliments that my husband was feeling all smug as it was a christmas present from him.  It is a stunningly gorgeous silver handmade ring in a flower design and I do like floral jewellery though it's usually flower earrings or flower necklaces for me.  So well done to my husband for choosing such a unique jewellery gift.

I did wish he didn't broadcast that he bought it at Munique fashions as I rather like having unique and unusual handmade jewellery gifts all to myself.  

I guess it's true what Munique says that their jewellery is a conversation with fashion that starts, "where did you get that?, as my blue coral ring really sparked off conversation at the dinner table. I explained that the ring was handmade which evoked even more appeal and being adjustable meant that it would at least fit on one of my five fingers.  I'm really terrible with names but one woman at the table commented that she had no idea that blue coral existed as she was only familiar with red coral as was I.

I imagine that the four women on my table are looking forward to a valentines day jewellery gift from Munique.  Buy unique handmade jewellery from Munique Fashions

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