Monday, 8 July 2013

puffball trousers or knickerbockers?

I'm always on the look out for fashion books old and new.  Rummaging through charity shop bookshelves, second hand bookshops has certainly become a pastime.  Most anywhere I go now you can always find a bookshelf with second hand books being sold off for 50p in parish halls, doctors surgeries, public attractions like Gardens, steam railways attractions you name it.  They say with the advent of Kindle published books are becoming less and less popular but I just love leafing through old books especially fashion books, magazines and newspapers as I'm always intrigued how fashion simply re-invents itself.

I recently picked up a book at, off all places my local library, called Worst Fashions: What We Shouldn't Have Worn... But Did by Catherine Horwood.  Can't say that I normally frequent libraries but had to take the kids their to research a project on Thailand.  Horwood in this book highlights fashion from the 60's, 70's and 80's which was felt to be a total fashion faux pas or simply unflattering.  Ironically many of the fashion "we shouldn't have worn but did" have made a 360 degree turn and are back with us.

Knickerbockers a fashion trend popularized in the 70's is certainly back with us just by another name : puffball trousers.  Have to say I quite fancy myself in a pair of these.  Like all fashion some flatter certain body shapes more than others and what is a no no for me may simply be a green light for you as Trinni and Susannah illustrates in their body shape bible and "what not to wear" series.   I remember in the 80's and 90's looking back at pictures of my cousins wearing bell bottom trousers and platform shoes with the big hair and thinking I'll never wear that.  Now 70"s fashion is my favourite fashion era and I have an absolute passion for bell sleeves blouses.  So I've learnt to never say never. 

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