Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Reading Glasses : fashion statement or reflection of age?

You can buy reading glasses in such fabulously flattering fashionable frames now that they are fast losing their symbolism with age and gaining popularity in the fashion accessories department.  No longer are reading glasses, eyewear that you must get from your optician. You can pick up a pair of reading glasses just about anywhere these days : at your local pharmacy, in the supermarket, high street stores.  It is prudent  though to have your eyes tested regularly and retain a copy of your prescription so you know exactly which strength reading glasses you require.

My kids constantly have fun at my expense as I carry around no less than 3 pairs of glasses in my handbag and a fourth on my face of course.  But you know what, even the glasses cases are funky so I don't mind. How heavy my shoulder bag is and my need to change specs ever so often as I carry on with my day is a source of constant amusement for them.  My daughter says that my reading glasses makes me look bossy but she knows when I put them on it's because it is school work time for her.  I don't hear her laughing then. 

I did give varifocals a try but those lenses didn't seem to work for me.  I was constantly bobbing my head up and down, pushing my glasses up on my nose to ensure I was looking through the correct part of my lens especially with no line to guide you - frustrating to say the least.  I tell you you can get glasses now at your optician that offers 3 in 1 - coverage for longsightedness, working on the computer and reading.  Me I prefer to keep it simple, so after my fiasco with varifocals.  I resorted to buying individual spectacles for reading, using the computer and one for reading which are all different strengths and prescriptions.  Plus I have a pair of prescription sun glasses.  So yes my bag is heavier than most, but my vision clearer and my sanity intact as it is far less confusing.  Not to mention I manage to carry off four looks in one day providing the sun is shining like today.  Hooray!!!

I'm sure I would try varifocals again when I'm happy to stick a larger pair of glasses on my face that provides enough space for all views.  That said optical research would have moved on by the time I feel adventurous again or perhaps I may give Laser Eye Surgery a try, which as far as I know doesn't redress the need for reading glasses but would mean 2 less glasses to carry around.  In the meantime I prefer petite fashionable frames for my oval shaped face and take pleasure in reinventing myself with new frames ever so often.

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