Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bodyshapes and outfits - defining your body shape

I'm sitting here at the car dealers waiting on a car service and MOT to be carried out.  I have opted to wait for my vehicle as the last time I used their courtesy same day pick up and return service I didn't get my car back the same day.  Instead they brought me a brand new courtesy stick shift Jute. Perhaps their way of encouraging me to part ways with over 3 year old Quashqai.   I remember it well, it was a Friday evening, I don't do gears and I had to ferry the kids to their million and one activites that evening and the next day.  The kids happily jumped in, all excited telling me how much they loved that new car smell.  I on the other hand was quite irritated and had no intention of fiddling with gears and getting used to new controls.  I couldn't even find the windscreen wipers and it was raining!!!!  Out we jumped to climb into my husband's very large (by UK standard) vehicle which I find impossible to park but at least is automatic.

So hear I am today waiting anxiously as the school pickup is looming near but still managing to put this look together on the boden outfit  maker which is quite fun really. The mechanic have emerged to say that the brake pads are flagged up and in need of changing soon as they are coming near to the legal worn limit - decisions decisions decisions!!!!  Since my car is outside warranty I feel I must shop around and thank goodness for the technology to do so on my iPad while I wait.  Here's a tip - did you know Kwikfit offers a life time guarantee on brake pads and will always replace your brake pads for free once you own the vehicle?  I hope there's no catch but I will certainly check it out.

Oh finally something worth watching on the telly as I glance up with tired eyes from the glare of the iPad screen  - "What not to wear" re-runs with Trini and Susannah is on.  One of these fashion wardrobe makeovers shows with good advice, I thought, to change the way women make decisions on the best fashion buys for their bodyshape.  The pair drastically reduces wardrobes to core essentials and buys a whole new wardrobe for (what they want us to believe is the unsuspecting participant who is blindsided by the whole affair) your newly defined body shape.  The advice on underwear (what to wear under your garments) in terms of suitable bras and panties I thought was invaluable.  I just love balconette bras now.  The difference in body shape between the two presenters was also genius to emphasize how bodyshape really determines what will highlight your best features and downplay the ones you wish you did not inherit.

I remember this episode specifically because their "fashion crisis victim" was a mid forties woman who dressed like a young teenager with lots of mini skirts and tight tee shirts.  As the fashion duo, Trinni and Susannah explain how to make your legs look longer - they announce that my car is ready.  Anyway the trick to making your legs look longer, other than heels of course, is to wear tights and shoes in the same colour and when wearing trousers aim for foot length trousers that are a couple inches longer than needed to give the illusion of a few more inches to your legs.  Going back to why this episode was memorable, I can recall that the fashion debutante in question ditched her new wardrobe, advice and all,   and reverted to her preferred regular style once the program was over.  The lesson being - it is one thing for your family and friends to think you need fashion tips on how to dress but you do have to buy into the whole idea and want to change your style.  Feeling comfortable in your new style is key to exhibiting that new found confidence.  

Putting looks together can be a matter of trial and error which is why this Boden Outfit Maker is so useful.  The key piece for me in this look was the straight artisan skirt made from soft wash velveteen.  I'm just bowled over by the embroidery which in my mind makes it special.  It's a simple principle really just find a signature piece and build your outfit around that.   I have gone for the colourblock cardigan and the hound bud print shirt with chunky knit berry tights and casual mahogany winter boots.   But that's just me.  I love colour.  I'm sure if you have a play around yourself you can develop your own style.  As to whether it suits your body shape, that's a whole different matter.  Click here to use a bodyshape finder to determine your body shape.  

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