Monday, 16 September 2013

fringed pashmina shawl wrap

With the drafts from the bedroom windows forcing me under the covers, memories of sitting on a park bench on one of the hottest day of the year, combating hay fever, taking in the summer fashion sense of passerbys while keeping an eye on the kids riding their bikes comes flooding back.  It seems like I'm always multi-tasking.   I remember it was not a day for wearing  much clothes though some ladies had opted for maxi dresses.  Nor was it a day for much physical activity though some were braving the weather and having a jog while others of all mixed abilities were having a go on the tennis courts - burning double calories that day.  I on the other hand just got very thirsty looking at them while passing judgement on those walking by munching on ice cream that they clearly could do without judging by their waist lines - even though I had already binged on my guilty pleasure and could lose a few pounds myself.  

I remember starring enviously at the bare back men, not that I was admiring their physique but I was jealous of their freedom to go topless without a murmur - a privilege only reserved for my bedroom I'm afraid. I had every intention of walking with a picnic basket or an insulated bag full of goodies and ice but could I find any ice to buy?  The cold shelves and refrigeration section of the supermarket near the park were simply raided not to mention the long queues.  Looking down into my co-shoppers baskets I could only imagine that their selections were the beginning of an impromptu barbecue.

"Earth to mummy" says my seven year old, jolting me out of my reminiscing.  She was all ready for bed.  No more battles to go to sleep as the nights are growing darker I thought , no more hay fever, no more sweat trickling down my neck.  I think I can safely put my summer wardrode into hibernation until next July and start sifting through my winter wardrobe for what to wear tomorrow.  My winterwear philosopy for this year is easy to wear and I don't think you will find anything easier to wear than this warm cosy poncho style fringed pashmina shawl wrap .

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