Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Autumn blues or new looks?

Full of dread I am as I can feel summer suddenly slipping away as the crisp morning air of autumn creeps in.  Dark early nights, the bitter cold and worse the disruptive snow is not my idea of fun.  I had hoped for a few more weeks of glorious sunshine after such a brilliant summer but you can't deny that definite chill in the air which now penetrates your jeans : the same pair of jeans that made you boil from the heat in the car a few weeks earlier. Suddenly you don't need a weather forecast to tell you how to dress. 

Rather than lament though, lets celebrate our seasons which gives us ample excuse to reinvent ourselves and our look through fashion.  Imagine for a moment if we only had two seasons like tropical countries the rainy and sunny season and were prone to storms and hurricanes.  Would we then be wishing for snow and a white christmas?  I imagine we would and with only summer clothing to buy wouldn't we be longing to wear a trench coat, an anorak or a duffle coat like the models in the fashion mags?  It's a bit like our own bodies, don't you think?  There is always something we want to improve or wish we didn't have.  Be mindful of the old adage, "the grass is always greener on the other side" and be careful what you wish for.  

I may not always like the cold but I love the challenge of layering up and pairing up the right coat with the perfect jumper or cardigan -  What fun!!!  Yeah there are days when I drag clothes on just to keep warm with no care of appearance.  But looking spectacular and being warm in winter takes some doing if you don't wish to compromise one for the other.   

With the morning temperatures in the low teens, it's time to bring the cardigans and jumpers out.  Soon the temperature will drop and we will have to add the light outer jacket, then the outer coat, hat, scarves, gloves, boots, warmers etc and then find fashionably creative ways of including more layers as the sub zero temperatures set in.  This alpaca wool cowl neck is so easy to wear and can be layered up with tee or warmer underneath for extra warmth. Easy to wear clothes like  alpaca wool wraps just makes layering so straight forward and I like wool because it is absolutely warming.  At the same time, I saw some sheep recently on the drive to Scotland freshly sheared and felt so sorry - I'm such a hypocrite!!

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