Friday, 6 September 2013

Tartan and more tartan ...visit scotland

Enjoyed a delightfully breathtaking visit to Scotland's capital last week, Edinburgh, home of the infamous Mary Queen of Scots.  Missed the fringe festival unfortunately due to car trouble but got there in the end.  Not the worst thing missing The Fringe though as by reports it is normally bursting at the seams with visitors. 

No visit to Scotland is complete without a visit to Edinburgh's finest, the Castle, elegantly and royally poised at the top of the Royal Mile offering fabulously breathtaking  views!!!!! The castle is not the only place for great view. Camera Obscura close by and Nelson's Monument offer spectacular visuals of the city.  Whether you are up high or down low you simply have to love the city's architecture which is all around you in the historical buildings seemingly virtually untouched by modern refurbishment.   It is easy to see why so many films have been filmed in Scotland : Skyfall, The Fast and The Furious IV, New Tricks, Not Another Happy Ending, Snow White and Huntsman, The Dark Knight Rises, Cloud Atlas are just some of the popular film names capitalizing on the country's gorgeous invigorating views, coastlines, historical castle and houses.

For the fashion conscious like yourselves there's tartan and more tartan in many vivid and vibrant colours : who knew tartan wasn't limited to infamous Burberry colours.  Shopping in Edinburg is really decentralised as your main high street brands are located away from the Royal Mile with John Lewis department store closer to the Leith Walk side of the City.  The Royal Mile (for those who have never had the pleasure) is the road leading to the Castle which is said to measure a mile though some say it's really one and a quarter mile. There is the tendency for visitors to gravitate towards the upper part of the Royal Mile closer to the Castle where tartan memorabilia and tartan clothing and accessories are spilling out of baskets on the sidewalks. There is a trendy little Boutique called Ness with at least two shopfronts where you will find funky tartan accessories and a colourful collection of stylish clothing as well.  But for more shopping experiences or when you've reached your tartan saturation level, head down to the lower end for boutiques like Ragamuffin.  

Ragamuffin, which you will find on the lower half of the mile, offers a collection of clothes made by various designers from natural fibres  which is sure to appeal to those who celebrate the eclectic chic hippy folk fashion look.  What's her name from x factor 2012 finalists, Melanie Masson, would feel right at home in that store.  I personally loved it.  Though I have to confess bought nothing as it was not cheap and I'm  still recovering from purchasing complete new school uniforms for the kids.  My personal favourites though were coats and long cardigans by Nicky Thomson and John Branson which were very unusual and unique, good quality and would certainly be worth every penny.  Even if you are not into folk fashion you will be tempted to treat yourself to unusual and unique fashion accessories like scarves, hats etc. 

Having visited Scotland, I'm thinking what a fashion faux pas if like myself tartan have not yet found its way into your wardrobe. This can be easily remedied with the addition of this stylish trendsetting  tartan wool trousers which as I'm sure you would agree would be a timeless addition to your wardrobe as tartan never goes out of fashion.

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