Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Maxi dresses - last lap summer bargains

Last lap summer bargains are hard to pass up especially when you know that the style you're after will totally still be fashionably correct next summer.    Maxi dresses are always a summer favorite with the ladies and always on trend.  They are so easy to wear and require little effort to look effortlessly stylish and picture perfect on a bright summer day.  Just push your feet into some flat summer sandals or wedges, get your sunglasses on, pick up your tote bag and off you go. Look complete. 

For those of you taking that long deserved holiday abroad outside of the school holidays (naughty if you're yanking the kids out of school but hooray if you're child free) summer sales are perfect to get those much needed summer essentials for your trip.  Cruise holidays are the best and you can't have enough maxi dresses for that stroll on deck or relaxing pool side while you sip your pina coladas. 

There are massive bargains to be had if you are luckily the right size for what's available.  But don't allow summer sales to stress you out.  Finding a bargain should be fun, not an act of duress.  I know only too well how you can look longingly at a sale item on your computer screen, clicking on it several times hoping with all your might that it will magically appear in your size and say "in stock".

Never give in to the temptation of buying clothing and fashion accessories that are the incorrect size or body shape, or colour for you. While it's fine to try new things, it's pointless (and a bit daft really) if your desired sale item will simply sit in your wardrobe and take up valuable space.  Each year you pull it out, try it on and still it does not suit you or fit as the it's just wrong for your body shape or you have not lost the weight you swore you would lose.  Why put yourself through that!!!

Here's an idea though!! If you feel that need to have it then think birthday and christmas gifts.  Who would that item be perfect for?  Stocking up on christmas and birthday gifts can save you time and money and a much needed saving while you make that financial recovery from  expensive holidays and back to school uniforms.  According to "What not to Wear" experts Trinny and Susannah; styles that may not suit you may be perfect for a friend.  Just ensure that you are getting it right as returns may be tricky after the stipulated period.  

If you're shopping for gifts then clothing aren't the only bargains to be had, fashion accessories like belts, jewellery gift sets, are absolute great gifts ideas too. So get those christmas and birthday lists out and start shopping for your bargains now.  

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