Friday, 5 July 2013

buy crocs boots online

Reviews can be so helpful when buying online.  No matter what you are buying; be it shoes, clothes, handmade jewellery or anything else that you are after, other people's opinion can allay your own fears of distance shopping not only in terms of product quality and fit if applicable but in terms of customer service as well which is very important.  I recently bought myself a crocs boot and was only encouraged to do so after reading through the reviews on amazon.  Have to say I'm pleased with my purchase and my feet are so much warmer than in wellies and they are super light.  While they come in several different colours, rather than celebrating my usual desire for colour I went for the classic and conventional brown (or expresso as it is called) which compliments all outfits.  

Though I'm  always benefitting from other peoples online shopping experiences I honestly seldom if ever take the time to offer feedback of my own despite doing 80% of my shopping on the internet.  Awfully selfish isn't it? Really it's simply laziness but I do so much shopping online that reviews can become overwhelming at times.  But I'm going to try and do better from now and start leaving reviews and not wait until I have a bad experience which is usually when internet shoppers ensure that fellow shoppers read all about it. 

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