Thursday, 4 July 2013

fleece plum throw

Buying fabulously fashionable summer coats, ponchos and rain macs to keep warm and dry outside is not my only concern this summer.  When I'm at home i just want to snuggle up in front of the tv looking at all those feel good christmas movies that I've just discovered on one of sky's  movie channels.   Don't have to wait until christmas apparently though I wish the same were true for roasted chestnuts.  

For that brief moment while it thunders with rain outside, I want to believe in the miracle of christmas and warm my heart with tales of santa and what could happen if we just believe even if it is just through the realm of my television screen.  

I've just popped my much used and much loved fleece plum throw in the wash : my favorite tv snuggle up time blanket.  The kids just love to pile in and cuddle up with me while I'm taking in these Christmas movies, not that they are so interested in the storyline but they grasp their opportunity to start whispering their christmas wish list in my ear.  Can't say that they don't look out for number 1 - themselves!!!

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