Thursday, 29 November 2012

Checked coat with wool

I spotted my friend Sally in this coat yesterday and thought what a fab coat.  Simply had to tell her that I liked the coat to which she promptly blurted out that it was from Marks and Spencer.  I was quickly reminded of the news a few weeks ago which reported that clothing retail sales from M&S had declined while sales at Primark was booming urging me to write a blog post on Quality vs Quantity Fashion.  I said to her that one Primark shopper interviewed about their preference for shopping there remarked that Marks and Spencer was for "ole birds".   We both had a good laugh and resolved that we both must be old birds then as I have several coats in my wardrobe from M&S as well.  

I have to say that the online picture of this checked wool coat really doesn't do it justice and I would not normally go for a grey coat but the subtle burgundy colours in this woollen coat really lifts the coat and I simply love the furry texture of the outside -  lovely to look at and gorgeous to the touch.  Because the sleeves does not reach as far down to the wrist  you can team with a roll neck long sleeve in burgundy which just picks up on the coat's colours.  In fact Sally wore hers with a burgundy layer and a grey felt hat.  Most important to me and as I said to Sally, "I'm sure that I'll be seeing you in this coat for many winters to come".  

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