Monday, 12 November 2012

kenzo poncho - style that last

Last week we were on about price vs quality with the whole Marks and Spencer vs Primark revenue profits debate that was filling the airwaves.  This week I have been looking for key winter warmers to add to my wardrobe and found this kenzo poncho which just screams buy me, buy me!!!!  Its full of all my favorite earth tone colours and the geometric ethnic design is simply glamorous.  If you want to add drama and style to your look then here it is.  In fact no one would really care what you wore under this poncho as their eyes will be fixed on this designer poncho itself.  Unique fashion accessories wouldn't be absolutely necessary but a copper bracelet would go a long way in adding depth and detail to this look. . 

Made from a blend of fabrics including 15% wool, I could just see myself wearing this poncho for many winters to come.  As much as I try, I can't help myself, I am a quality girl and if I added only one new item to my winter wardrobe this would be it.  Call me naughty but this poncho goes on my christmas list which I will leave carelessly lying around for my husband to see just in case he was void of ideas for christmas gifts for her this year.  Better yet I can have one of Santa's little helpers (my kids) whisper it in his ear. 

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