Thursday, 8 November 2012

Michelle Obama recycles victory speech dress

Another US Presidential election and Obama emerges victor.  I can't say that I have been following the debate as far as political issues put forward by the Democrats and Republicans are concerned.  But I am now up with the political lingo as far as what swing States are.  Remarkably as I stood in the kitchen doing the washing up yesterday, oblivious of the radio playing in the background, my pores suddenly raised as Obama's victory speech suddenly penetrated my consciousness.  What a prolific and charismatic speaker, I thought, making a mental note to have a look at the speech online. 

While Barrack Obama’s speech is simply hair raising to hear, being a fashion blog we are more concerned with what Michelle wore aren't we ladies.  Click on the video below and you will see Michelle clad in a Michael Kors metallic raspberry coloured dress. If you have been following the first lady and her unique choice of clothes and fashion accessories you would recognize that she wore this same dress in 2010 at a military event.

What I always admire about the First Lady is the way she cleverly uses her attire to send a message.  Michelle started off on her husband's campaign six years ago wearing off the rack designers like Donna Ricco which sent a clear message that her lifestyle was attainable, that she was an ordinary american citizen.  Yes she has worn big name designers like Thakoon Panichgul, but also sent less recognized designers like Maria Pinto rocketing into the limelight by showcasing her custom made sheath dresses on the campaign trail.

Now she recycles a previously worn dress which is a clear political statement that we are living in hard economic times and we simply must be frugal; a reflection of the austere economic measures ahead for the American economy.  I have to say that I like her style and can't wait to see what message she will be sending with her choice of inaugural dress.  All Kudos to Obama's political advisers and campaign managers, they have certainly paid attention to every political detail (including what Michelle wears) in securing Obama another four years in office. 

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