Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The perfect christmas gift for her

Is there such a thing as the perfect gift? In my mind the perfect gift is all relative to the person receiving the gift along with their hopes, desires, wants, wish list and I can go on and on.  Who's giving the gift is also important because while I may have seen the ideal electric kettle to replace my old one, I don't expect that to be my christmas gift from my husband.  When you are buying a gift for a loved one like your wife, girlfriend, partner there is an element of romance involved.  So what is the perfect romantic gift? 

Some ladies have lost utter confidence in their partners' ability to choose them just the right gift and are simply happy to have a voucher for one of their favorite shopping haunts.  But where is the suspense and drama in that?  Sometimes I'm presented with gifts from my husband that I would never have bought for myself and I do wear them and they turn out to get fab reviews from my friends.  So maybe he knows me a little better than I think or perhaps he's just plain lucky - who knows?

The idea with gift giving is simple - just mix it up.  For most of us gift giving is a biannual event for birthdays and christmas.  When you include anniversaries and valentines day then it is four times a year - that's a lot of gift giving!!!  If you are giving jewellery gifts then is has to be more unique and special  to outdo what you have given in the past.   Jewellery boxes, keepsake boxes are all great gift ideas.  A romantic spa break for two can also be priceless.  But with romantic gifts it is not always about how much you can spend.  You simply want to give a gift that would be remembered and treasured for a long time.  

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