Monday, 5 November 2012

winter warmers

The cold mornings have started and while its lighter outside since the clocks were turned back, I'm grumpier for having to leave my warm duvet covers to get out there and face the cold.  With four layers this morning, including hat and gloves, I was warm enough but with snow in Northumberland yesterday I'm dreading a repeat of the winter of 2009.  So while it is still only early November, for me, winter is officially here.  

While I didn't have to scrape my windscreen this morning, with a reading of 2 degrees on the thermometer,  I had to wait for the heater to defrost it and was begging the car to warm up quickly once I set off.

If you haven't already, it's certainly time to organize your winter wardrobe and bring all your coats, pullovers, and cardigans out of storage.  I've just been pulling my winter clothes out as I need them but I just must become more organized so I know exactly what I'm wearing and where everything is.  You can never have too much of layering tees, cowl neck sweaters, roll necks and thermals.  Though for me thermals are fine once I'm outside but once I get indoors in the central heating it's like I'm on fire, so I'm going to have to reconsider thermals and go more for cotton and wool blends.  

With a 50% flash sale on winter warmers at La Redoute today, I'm on the timer as sale ends in the next 10 hours.  Nothing like a sale to motivate me into action.  Shop now

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