Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to dress like Melanie Masson from X factor 2012

I'm really loving X Factor this year.  The talent is phenomenal and I'm especially loving the fashion.  I was gutted when Melanie Masson got voted off in the second week as her natural bohemian 70's look really appealed to me.  From the colourful earthy toned, hippy look in week one to the understated  but equally stately white suit in the second week all complimented by the big hair was a big hit with me.

Achieving Melanie's bohemian chic is easy if the seventies look appeals to you.  First of all wear lots of scarves as this is Melanie's signature look. If you've been following the X Factor you may have noticed that from the auditions stage, Melanie always wore a scarf around her neck.  Not a bulky scarf but a thin scarf looped once around her neck.  At the judges' house stage of the competition, she added even another scarf to her look wearing it around her white jeans clad hips.

Melanie's 70's look is made up of bell sleeved blouses and tops, kickflare trousers and lots of scarves like this ruby rich   patchwork velvet scarf which is just perfect for achieving the Melanie Masson look.  The colours in this scarves are bright and rich but then again there is nothing conservative about Melanie's style including her booming voice which, if you've heard her sing, can certainly fill a room. She also adds further detail and colour to her hippy style with rings.  Munique's copper jewellery ring with accented pink and blue is just what you need to carry off that bohemian fun and fancy look.     

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