Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wearing Tribal and Ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic and tribal jewellery can be very elegant, sophisticated and stately especially the pieces that are like wearable art. Statement pieces like this Clasp Necklace oozes of dramatic appeal. This necklace is made using gold metal clasps to create a stunning Cleopatra like necklace that flattens out on the chest in majestic style.

ethnic and tribal jewellery, clasp necklace

Tribal and ethnic jewellery is a key element when trying to achieve the boho look or the folk look. The boho look is reflective of the hippie styles of the 1960’s. Essentially the boho look which emerged on the fashion scene in 2000 is an ethnic look that throws together clothing and accessories inspired by styles worn by native people from around the world.

the boho look, petticoat skirt
Boho look
the boho look, maxi dress
Maxi dress one of the key elements of the Boho look

The folk look which emerged on the catwalks in 2007 was characterized by the use of paisley prints, tassels and fringing detail and was a bit of a hybrid of the boho trend.

the folk look, tunic dress
Tunic dress

Whatever your style, tribal and ethnic jewellery is a must for any wardrobe. Go for pieces that will make a statement time and time again and those that will team nicely with several outfits. Copper and brass jewellery for instance is a bit like gold jewellery which can be used to accessorize most outfits. This Modern Man copper bracelet is very tribal indeed.

ethnic and tribal jewellery, copper bracelet, modern man bracelet
Add interest to neutrals and monotone outfits with this statement fringe necklace using earthly colors.
ethnic and tribal jewellery, fringe necklace

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