Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tribal and Ethnic Jewellery

African tribal jewellery is a big trend this summer. This rich ancient tradition from african heritage and tradition we see reflected in the embellished dress, the statement necklace and colourful accessories.

Ethnic jewellery is usually characterised by the use of natural materials such as shell, leather, seeds, nuts eg tagua nut jewellery, stone, bone, metals such as copper and brass and including gold and silver all ideally from sustainable sources. While the material used is important more importantly is the creativity in using these materials to design unique and special pieces of jewellery.

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Copper jewellery like this handcrafted Bali Girl necklace is a fine example of ethnic jewellery. Just imagine the intricate work that went into making this handcrated medallion style copper and brass necklace which simply looks majestic.

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Leather jewellery
Another popular style of ethnic jewellery is leather jewellery. Flower jewellery using leather to recreate special exotic flowers like orchids and hibicus that can be worn as jewellery is very imaginative. This hand painted orchid necklace intricately cut by hand is reminiscent of caribbean tropical holiday destinations and exotic holidays.

Tagua nut necklace, summer jewellery, colourful jewellery
Tagua nut jewellery
Tagua Nut jewellery is another favorite that really captures the imagination. These South American nuts usually linked to Brazil and Colombia can be dyed to create splendid colourful nut beads. But again it is the way in which these beads are cut and strung together that creates the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces as in this colourful summer Tagua Nut Necklace.

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Johnny said...

Tagua is not only useful for making buttons and souvenir handycraft, but also it saves elephants and rain forests.