Friday, 6 May 2011

Cindy Crawford uses neutrogena body oil

I was reading this month's In Style magazine which included body tips from Cindy Crawford, who looks amazing by the way, though you can't help but be skeptical about airbrushing techniques. 

One of Cindy's favorite body finds is Neutrogena Body Oil which she says she uses on her skin while still damp.   Whether true or simply paid advertisement, I can vouch for how silky smooth my skin feels when I apply neutrogena body oil on my skin after bathing.  I must admit I have not used it in ages but just had to share my experience with the product.  I will certainly get myself a bottle and include in my skin care routine right away.  

Granted it used to feel like an eternity standing in the bathroom waiting for my skin to dry naturally but I was absolutely pleased with the results and used the time to get on with other things like brushing my teeth, combing my hair, clipping my nails.   So great tip Cindy.

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