Monday, 16 May 2011

Flower jewellery accessorizes Marc Jacobs' S/S 2011 collection

Flower brooches and corsages just got bigger and trendier with fashion designer Marc Jacob accessorizing his spring summer 2011 collection with huge fabric flowers including leather flower waist belts to create real flash and flamboyance of colour on the catwalk.

Traditionally corsages are known to be worn at weddings and proms, those special celebratory experiences that only happen once in a lifetime. Corsages are usually worn on the wrists, lapels, shoulders and hair with oriental florals being a particular favorite of mine to be worn in the hair. But Marc Jacobs takes it a step further and glamorizes the neck and the waistline with super sized elaborate corsages and flower brooches in vibrant reds, pink, oranges and gold.

This super size floral look may not be new for some of us especially Sex and the City viewers who may remember seeing this over sized floral corsage look on Carrie Bradshaw in her arrival in Paris ensemble - a Sonia Rykiel Top and Skirt with large flower on the front. Carrie does like her corsages as you can see from the white corsage dress she wore in Sex and the City - The movie. 

What Jacobs does differently with his corsage and flower accessory look is to add huge colour and texture to the trend creating huge impact and intrigue. Munique’s handmade hibiscus flower leather necklace is right on trend for this flower jewellery look.  Handmade jewellery never looked better, painted by hand, this handmade necklace is as lifelike as it gets.  This flower necklace is also available in red, peach and gold.

And I just think that this butterfly brooch from Lupin handmade is just cute and gorgeous and so very apt for a spring summer look.

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