Monday, 11 January 2010

ladies woollen knitwear

It is hard to think about spring and spring clothing when all we want to do these days is keep warm. Cold spells is not the word for what we have been experiencing in the run up to christmas and now. The kids love it; days off from school, sledging, building snowmen what could be more fun. Adults on the other hand are not enjoying driving on icy roads and walking on frozen sidewalks.
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I find myself having to wear four layers and more of clothing and having to add more woollen knitwear and thermal underwear to my wardrobe to fight of the cold. But I don't mind as I found some good quality ladies knitwear like this Lambswool Relaxed Ladies Gilet at Woolovers; good value for money and most importantly it will keep me warm and be hanging in my wardrobe for years to come. Click here to browse more ladies knitwear

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