Friday, 15 January 2010

Leopard print wellies

I must say that lately with these extreme temperatures I have simply been throwing on clothes to feel warm. Suddenly style has gone out of the window. I was pondering on this very thought while idling in the school traffic to exit when a mother hustling back to her car crossed in front of my car wearing leopard print wellies. I thought how very practical and very stylish at the same time. Leopard print accessories are very popular and always fashionable. I had never thought about getting myself a pair of leapord print boots. Leopard print jewellery I have and now I am seriously thinking getting of getting some leopard print wellies. Wellies are a bit of a fun accessory and what a better way to bring out your wild side.

leopard print wellingtons,leopard print wedge bootswedge welly wellington boot

Some may feel that you need a dramatic fashion persoanlity to wear leopard print accessories but I beg to differ. If this yellow wedge heel wellington is too bright for you then go for the brown leopard print boot below.

leopard print wellies,leopard print wellingtons,leopard bootsSouth emmanuel wellington boot

The classic personality will simply adore this modern take on the traditional wellington boot which incorporates some corduroy and a buckle. This brown cord wellington boot is very stylish and practical footwear made by Scholls, the shoe manufacturer with a reputation for comfort. Great for slushing around in the snow and rain as it will keep your feet dry and I can see myself wearing these all day in the office like regular boots. wellington boots,wellington boots by scholl,brown wellington boots Brown Cord Wellington Buckle Boots by Scholl
tartan wellingtons,tartan wellies
The key to maintaining a stylish appearance over the long term is to buy stylish but yet practical accessories that will stand the test of time. This Joules Tweed Check Wellington Boots is again classically stylish with its tartan pattern that never dates.
ankle boots,wedge ankle bootsIf wellingtons are not your style but you still fancy some leopard print boots then have a look at these wedge ankle boots in glossy patent leather.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I think I want a pair of leopard print wellies after reading this. Unfortunately there's little to no use for them here in Southern California. :(

Leia said...

I love these wellies!