Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Crisp white shirt

Seasons change as the cycle of life continues with a rebirth in spring, my favourite time of year. But whatever the season there are some key wardrobe essentials that you should have year round and a crisp white shirt is one of them.  This classic shirt is a must have item great for dressing up or down depending on the occasion.  You can get this classic shirt in a tailored fit with rounded hem great for wearing casually over jeans and a great look for the cooler months. In the winter layer your shirt under pullovers and cardigans for another casual look.  For the more formal look, wear with skirt or trousers suit for work or for dressing for that all important job interview. My eye is always peeled to that crisp white shirt George Clooney wears under his suit in that expresso advertisement on TV. This Anna David button down white shirt in a robust cotton with tapering collar is a great quality shirt.

Top tip - buy a good quality white shirt that can endure several washes and still look perky white as with white garments you may need to wash after every wear. The large broad cuffs and the herringbone structure on the  milano shirt below really sets this 100% cotton white shirt apart from the rest.  It's small details like these that make a mundane shirt look special and will go a long way to help you to stand out at job interviews. 

I think I bought my last crisp white shirt at Marks and Spencer which was a great buy as it lasted me over 10 years and I did wear it quite regularly.  While cotton is more practical and hard wearing I have always wanted a white shirt in silk which can be a gorgeous but I am yet to find one that I like.  

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