Friday, 2 December 2011

Get in shape for winter

Everyone talks about getting in shape for summer. But I've decided to get in shape for winter and have been experimenting with various keep fit options. Yes believe it or not I'm going to be watching what I eat, Christmas day excluded of course, but I need an exercise regime to keep me going.

So far I've tried good "ole" aerobics or old school aerobics as it is called on the gym brochure but after one class my body felt so traumatised that I'm daunted at the prospect of having to do aerobics to keep fit. After my last aerobic encounter, my knee was swollen for a week which just made me realise that I'm simply not 25 anymore. I also tried the very popular zumba which I found to be too random for my liking. But to be fair I'm sure different instructors offer varied routines so it is a matter of finding an instructor whose style you like.

So I went right back to hot yoga which a my friend Sally introduced me to a year ago, but which I had given up for a while. Each time I mention hot yoga my friends are always intrigued as it sounds exotic and spicy but hot yoga is simply practising yoga in a very hot room which increases your heart rate, flexibility and as you can imagine builds up quite a sweat which is great for releasing toxins from your body. You leave hot yoga completely drenched in sweat, underwear included, to the extent where you literally have to peel your yoga wear off at the end of class.

Part of getting in shape always include healthy eating so I'm thankful for my recently purchased vitamix blender which makes the most amazing smoothies and soups with no mess and no fuss.  Click here to read all about the vitamix blender.

Where can you find hot yoga classes? The only place I know offering hot yoga at the moment is yoga haven which have branches in Birmingham, London and Brighton.  So wish me luck in keeping my end of year resolution as I'm no good at making and sticking to new year resolutions. 

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