Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Are we there yet?

Surprised my husband with a Garmin Sat Nav for christmas which actually was not much of a surprise as my darling son was with me at the time of purchase and promptly came home and told his father exactly what mummy was out buying that day.  

It's not that my husband hasn't had a built in sat nav in his car for years.  It's just that he is always reluctant to use it because it's a pay as you go navigation system where you pay per trip calculated and I suspect for every time you have to reroute to your destination as it does not automatically adjust your route if you take a wrong turn.   Not withstanding cost, between you and me, he also thinks he has a great sense of direction, which to be fair is better than mine.  But many an argument has ensued from the lack of a sat nav as I sit quietly biting my tongue while he goes around in circles refusing to ask for help. Unbelievable!!!!  Even with a navigation system, one wrong turn and I ask for help if I see someone nearby.  I simply must get around to reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus if I'm to understand this puzzling phenomena whereby men simply hate asking for directions.

I have no shame in admitting that I have a lousy or no sense of direction and have found countless new routes to avoid peak time traffic using my tom tom.  Hooray for me!!!  I'm always amazing my husband showing him new routes.  But alas I take no credit for it and simply tell him that I use my sat nav as getting lost is not my idea of fun so one wrong turn and even with a sat nav at the first opportunity I ask someone for help, for as I'm sure you will agree the technology is not always perfect. 

I deliberately did not buy a case for the garmin although they were on half price offer at the time.  But even at about 10 quid, it was so not worth the money as it was made of a synthetic material (not leather) and neither was it a hard case.  So I've just found an ideal hardcase on Amazon to store the sat nav.  While there are many sat nav cases to choose from as you can imagine, I'm opting for the hard case which is handy for holding the car charging unit as well.

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