Monday, 26 December 2011

La Redoute up to 60% boxing day sale

Finally the madness of christmas is over.  The kids have their toys, I've done the christmas dinner and now its me time and what better way to fill the time than shopping the after christmas sales.  Once I venture into my emails try as I might  I know I cannot resist the post christmas sales emails coming at me about all the fantastic sale reductions.  So if you can't beat then why not join them I say in my moment of weakness.  

But I don't go forth into battle without my armour so I always make an effort to start off sensibly by making a mental list of my needs to ensure that I'm not fulling up my wardrobe with more of the same.  After all diversity is the spice of life. 

I've tried the boxing day sales shopping on the high streets and shopping centres but find the crowds too manic and the changing rooms simply too long a wait and that was even before I had kids.  Now with two kids in tow online shopping in the christmas sales is so easy and convenient.  The kids can continue playing with their toys and I can find solace on the computer shopping away in the christmas sales.  My hats go off to those who can get up in the wee hours of the morning and line up to be the first into the stores.

So far I'm shopping the La Redoute boxing day up to 60% sale and have found this grey stretch twill skirt which will go fabulous with a cropped woollen grey jacket that I already have. I always love it when a look comes together as I'm not one of those shoppers who simply must match up clothes in a store before buying a top, a skirt or jacket as the case may be.  Now I've found the perfect skirt for my grey jacket and at a whooping 60% off but needless to say I'm still having a browse of all the other sale offers from La Redoute.  I think I will be heading to the winter boots section next.  

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