Friday, 30 December 2011

Cashmere cardigan

Don't know what it is with me and the colours brown, bronze and orange but I do like these warming colours especially in winter.  Maybe it's because I love copper jewellery so much. Again I found this lovely cashmere cardigan but alas 10 and 12 all sold out. I like adding special things to my wardrobe and this orange cardigan is indeed special yet practical and warm.  The frills really add a sexy girly feel to this cardigan and I can't say that I have any cashmere in my wardrobe.  I'm so good at justifying my purchases aren't I?

This frill cardigan is part of the per una speziale range so can't risk buying a size 14 as Marks and Spencer's sizes are generous and a cardigan like this I would imagine needs to fit pretty snugly to look and feel good. I could sometimes find myself fitting into a size 8 at M&S which is the most wonderful feeling since I'm usually fluctuating between a size 10 and 12.  That's the thing with online shopping if you do it often enough you can become a sizing specialist and know what size you should order depending on the store.  For instance when I'm online shopping at Zaras I find myself ordering medium and large especially when it comes to their jackets as their sizing seem to be a bit on the petite side.    


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