Monday, 26 December 2011

Add ethnic style and colour to your wardrobe

I'm not the most organzied or neatest person but when it comes to my wardrobe I can't help but hang my clothes according to colour.  That way I can see what colours are missing from my wardrobe, what colour I have too much clothes in and most importantly how the colours match up together.

I was helping my cousin Jane find an outfit in her wardrobe to attend a last minute christmas party with me and by force of habit I simply could not stop myself from organizing her wardrobe according to colour.  That task didn't take long as when I was finished I could not help but comment that she seemed to have only three colours in her wardrobe.  There were loads of navy blue, black and grey jumpers, dresses, suits, pullovers.  I had to let her know that there are other colours in the rainbow and that you can still inject colour in your wardrobe even if it is winter.

Even if like Jane you are uncomfortable wearing blocks of colour, here are two variations of black that would be perfect additions to any colourless wardrobe.  I'm always looking to diversify my wardrobe and this ethnic maxi skirt and ethnic maxi dress would certainly be new clothing styles for my wardrobe. 

The knitted jacquard ethnic maxi dress is perfect for entering guests at home or attending a dinner party. The detailing on the sleeves and hem really makes this maxi dress stand out for me.  It is elegant, conservative and at the same time stylish.  

The ethnic maxi skirt is in no way conservative but very dramatic and resembles no other garment in my wardrobe.  If you are too shy to wear this skirt to go out then try wearing it at home especially when you have guests over.  Once you've been complimented several times, I'm sure you'll have no problem wearing it on your next night out. 

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