Friday, 6 January 2012

Keeping it slim in winter

Winter is the time many of us are sluggish about getting out and exercising but I'm proud to say I have faithfully resumed my hot yoga. But keeping the winter weight off is more than just exercising, it's also about watching what you eat and I mean this most literally. The choices we make about which foods will spend a moment on our lips but remain forever on the hips is so absolutely important.

Running late on Thursday the first day back o school I left home without my faithful morning smoothie made in my vitamix blender. Not wanting to risk a migraine from not eating on time, I headed to a nearby Sainsbury's cafe after dropping off the kids. As I studied the menu board I realised that the calorie intake was listed next to each meal which was so very helpful as I ended up having a cup of tea and a slice of toast.

It's amazing how when you see that a sausage sandwich is 600+ calories and a slice of toast with butter about 120 calories that you are able to make your mind up quickly. We can always hide our weight under this stunning cowl neck dress by Jaeger which has been reduced to clear by the way and which I'm so getting. But you know when I'm strutting my stuff in this dress if I'm also feeling good about myself I think I will look even more dynamite. click here for other reduced to clear special offers. 

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