Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Womens winter shorts trend

One of the latest fashion trend this autumn/winter is the winter shorts i.e wearing short trousers with tights. I didn't think the trend would really catch on as I could not envisage wearing shorts in winter but since it was proving to be a mild winter by UK standards especially compared to the last 2 winters, I picked myself up a couple pairs including this velvet short trousers

Needless to say that I'm not wearing any shorts these days given our sub zero temperatures over the last few mornings. But if you think we have it bad,  Cordova Alaska with population of 2,200 has been buried under more than 15 feet of snow over the last few weeks.  Click here to read more 

So while we have happy scenes from the red carpet of the golden globe awards 2012 with Kate Winslet winning a Golden Globe for her performance in TV mini series Mildred Pierce and Miss Wisconsin being crowned Miss America 2012   innocent vacationers on the Italian cruise ship are no doubt facing devastation at this time.

So wearing my shorts is the least of my worries these days as I'm sure the weather will pick as it has today.  Just when I took the time to cover my windshield last night to avoid that 5-10 minutes delay while I scrape the car.  It rains. I just can't seem to get it right.

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