Wednesday, 15 September 2010

victoria beckham lastest collection for spring 2011

Sleek, silhouette, sophisticated, classic, wearable are just some of the words that come to mind  when describing victoria beckham's latest collection for spring 2011.  Whether you are a fan of Victoria Beckham or not, you have to admire her collection.  It is so wearable!!!!

Posh spice has obviously chosen to appeal to a select clientel the slim sophicated women who values timeless classic fashion that would simply never date her look.  Some might say that her collection is an extention of herself as you could see here wearing every piece from her spring collection.  Goosh even some of the models look like her.  But then these runway pieces hardly ever showcase plus size clothing on plus size models.

Some of the dresses do look like more of the same from her fall 2010 ready to wear collection but this season she has extended her collection to include a line of Victoria Beckham's handbags - well made and chic - a little on the big boxy side for me but then again you can carry everthing but the kitchen sink in there.  The shape of the bags are a gentle reminder of  a doctors bag from the olden days.  I must say that the circular tummy hugging feature in the strappy white cocktail dress does not appeal to me.  It just screams pregnancy garment and you must have an incredibly flat tummy to carry that dress off successfully.

If you are a classic dresser then I'm sure you would not mind having a few of these pieces in your wardrobe.   If Victoria keeps this classic sophistication trend going then she could become one of my favorite fashion designers right up there with the legendary Ralph Lauren.


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