Friday, 10 September 2010

Halter jumpsuits and the nude trend in classic movies

A friend posted a video clip from the movie The Way We Were starring Barbara Streistand and Robert Redford which flooded me with so much memories of how much I had loved that movie that I got myself a copy off amazon so I could  watch it over and over again.  That's the thing with classic movies, you are happy to watch them over and over again, like the sound of music and chitty chitty bang bang.  No doubt you have your favorites as well.

Last night I took in The Thomas Crown Affair  (1968) starring Faye Dunaway and found myself more engaged with the fashion than the story lines.  These classic movies are a great reminder of how fashion reinvents itself decade to decade  from the catwalk to the highstreet to our wardrobes. 

I loved Barbara Streistrand in her halter jumpsuit and Faye Dunnaway in her peachy nude ensemble and flamboyant hats - both trends which are with us now. While fashion can be fickle, if you stick to the timeless designs your cost per wear can  be maximized not to mention you will be building a capsule wardrobe that could be worn time and time again. 

That said, last week I wore a maxi dress that I've had over 10 years.  This tie dye maxi dress was a gift from my husband before we were married .......with such great taste how could I not marry him.  Apart from the fact that it still fits .....whoopee for me!!!!! ........ it's so timeless that I can reach for it summer after summer and still look current and fashionable.

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