Friday, 17 September 2010

Anniversary gifts for her

I do look forward to my wedding anniversary every year with much anticipation. Each time I wonder, "what is he going to get me this year?" He usually manages to surprise me with some great gift ideas but I know that I would hate to be a man buying anniversary gifts for me, as I know I can be fussy and not very good at hiding my disappointment I'm afraid.

Why is it men find gift buying for valentines day, birthday etc so challenging? I don't know. Simply give the woman what she wants is what I say. But my guess is that gifts for her usually go wrong when shopping for it is left for the last minute like picking up a gift in the train station 10 minutes before your train.

I remember my teenage years spent working in department stores for Christmas and the fear and desperation on the face of some men as they hunt for the perfect gift for her on christmas eve.   Not good enough guys all I can say is thank god for returns and exchange policy and gift vouchers.
Here are some tips on getting the perfect gift for her:

-Don't panic buy. I know you men love gadgets and technology so start by putting reminders in your phone, desktops etc re these important gift buying occasions.

- Keep a record of what you have given your wife, partner, girlfriend in the past if you are in a long standing relationship

- Most importantly, remember what she did not like the last time.

- start thinking about gift ideas way in advance and shopping weeks before the event to avoid buying a ridiculously expensive, meaningless or inappropriate gift - like earrings when your loved ones ears are not pierced.

- luxury gifts are great but ensure that it suits her personality as this really shows that you have put some thought into it.

- think outside of the box and look for unique gifts. If you do go for jewellery find some unique and unusual womens jewellery gifts.

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