Sunday, 19 September 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall – a winter must have

Talking about coordinating my clothes in winter reminded me that I am yet to get myself a standing mirror for my bedroom. I do have a full length mirror but downstairs.  So I  find myself having to bring several jackets downstairs to see which one looks best with my outfit and then match up shoes. Many a times I dress upstairs then come downstairs glance in the mirror and think how horribly wrong but when I'm running late its a toss up between facing more traffic or rushing  out of the house looking as if I dressed in the dark.

So a full length mirror is the first accessory on my winter must have list this year. This solid rubber wood leaning mirror from John Lewis has some unique features which really appeals. More than just a mirror it offers space for hanging clothes and somewhere to rest my shoes. Now I can really plan what I’m going to wear day to day and hang it out the night before on my mirror. There even space to lay out my fashion accessories like jewellery necklaces, leather belts and silk scarves all in advance. If I needed to convince myself further that this was the mirror for me then aesthetically the dark wood blends so well with my existing bedroom furniture. A winter must have indeed.

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