Wednesday, 29 September 2010

belted jackets

Winter is that time when you crave warming and comforting food to help fight off the chill and I do  look forward to the soups, stews and casseroles even though I have to make them myself.  When it comes to my winter wardrobe essentials warmth and comfort is just as important as I know I need my basics like roll neck tees, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters etc.  But must they all be in black, grey, brown and navy blue?  I think not.  So I have my eye on these two belted jackets.  Great accent colours with really architectural collars that are both stylish and trendy and the belt in the jacket really helps to accentuate your waist even if it is not as slim as it used to be.   So waist or no waist belted jackets can give the illusion of one.

I like my food to be invitingly colourful not to mention tasty and nutritious which usually means having a variety and wide range of foods.  Sometimes it is the little accents you add like sweet peppers, sweet corn, sprinkling of herbs and spices that can make all the difference.  So is your wardrobe well balanced? According to the old adage - variety is the spice of life - so do you have accents of colours in your winter wardrobe to brighten your winter?  Think about adding accent colours to your look with fashion accessories such as red woollen scarves and polkadot rings

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