Tuesday, 21 September 2010

christmas gifts – all wrapped up

I like getting a jump start on Christmas by buying presents throughout the year and storing in my gift closet. But I’m doing my usual winter clean – out storing summer clothes and hanging winter essentials and realize that my closet is bear – just a few gifts.

Pre-buying christmas gifts is always a good idea as it takes the hassle and rush out of christmas shopping and helps me to budget better. Panic buying in the run up to christmas is not my idea of fun and can prove to be very expensive. Some people say to me, “oh I can’t think so far ahead”. Me, once I’m out and about shopping and see an appropriate present for a loved one then I buy it especially if it is a good price and on sale.

I do stick to a few ground rules when buying presents in advance:.

- Always have the person in mind for whom you are buying the gift. That said, I do like to stick to christmas presents that are easily transferable i.e. suitable for more than one person like jewellery gifts, silk scarves, leather belts, handbags which are some gift ideas etc.

- Stay away from presents that will expire for example food stuffs, some cosmetics etc

- If you are taking the risk and getting clothes then make sure that it is at least your size so you can wear it in the event that it is unsuitable for the person. You know how we tend put on extra pounds in the winter with all the indulgence and luxury foods in the build up to Christmas.

- Latest fad clothing also a definite no no - stick to the classic fashion that never dates.

- One of my key rules is to buy presents for family and friends that I would use myself. Mind you, sometimes I do tend not to want to part with some gifts.

Shopping throughout the year for christmas presents really takes the pressure off gift buying during this festive season and you can spread the cost over a longer period and avoid escalating bills come Christmas. So next time you are out and about shopping or browsing the internet keep an eye out for unique quality gifts that would be perfect for your friends, family and loved ones.

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