Thursday, 23 September 2010

cruise wear wardrobe

Summer shopping may be over for many of us as we have started layering up for the cold dark mornings in  preparation for the cold winter.  We can only hope that it is not as terrible as the last winter.  But if the old wives tales are anything to go by the saying is that if there are plenty of berries on the trees then it is going to be a bad winter.  Only time will tell, though there are an abundance of berries on the trees.  But for those of you planning a winter cruise holiday, winter can't come soon enough and shopping may only have just begun.  Great time to shop too as there are still some amazing online clearance bargains to be had like this ornate neck maxi dress.  You are sure to turn heads in this maxi dress with enough wiggle room for eating as much as you like. 

Selecting your cruisewear is all part of the excitement in the build up to your cruise holiday.  You look forward to dressing up for dinner every night and dream about all the food you are going to eat hmmm. The idea of a cruise always awakens memories of the Love Boat series with the heart breaking love stories where love always conquers in the end, the days out in Acapulco, dining with Captain Stubing.

Taking the time to plan your wardrobe ensures that you have what you need to strut your stuff on deck and more importantly that you are camera ready for the ship's photographer.  Ladies, remember you need both day wear and ladies evening wear. If you like dressing up for elegant evenings out then here is your opportunity to look like you just stepped off the catwalk and stand out from the crowd in your cruise wear.  Perhaps if you dress to impress you may end up at the Captains table - you never know.

Packing a few key and unique fashion accessories to complete your outfit or create different looks is all you need to ensure that you turn heads. 
chunky necklace
drop pearl earrings
evening bag or purse
stunning ring
leather belt
bandanas and headbands

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