Thursday, 16 September 2010

retail therapy - a great back to school gift for mums

Kids are back to school and many mums, myself icluded, must be feeling so relieved.  Honestly I think I am now recovering from the sheer exhaustion of it all.   It's as if I have been Waiting To Exhale
and now I can finally breath.  At times like these I simply want to treat myself and what better way than a bit of retail therapy.  So as not to be frivilous I tell myself  "well I do need some new knitwear, woolly jumpers and cardigans for the pending autumn/winter.  Not to mention some roll neck tops and knee high boots, black preferably.

Shopping time is limited but I am bombarded with so many special offers via email that I simply cannot resist but take a look.  While there is so much I can think of that I need, I'm simply going to treat myself to this V neck sleeveless polkadot dress    This wrap dress is simple, elegant, timeless and polkadots are one of my alltime favorites. Team with this charm necklace for a great look.

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