Wednesday, 29 September 2010

ladies watches - a gift of the past?

I fear that ladies watches or watches in general may be becoming a gift of the past.  With the advent of mobile phones it seems that most people depend on their phones to tell them the time.  I still love watches though and see them as another fashion accessory to add to my outfit.  Mind you I do look for the statement watches that are both practical and unique. This white circle  bangle watch is a great example of a stylish ladies watch as it doubles as a stylish bangle while still being a time piece.  Gone is the era where you had only one watch but now it's trendy to have several watches to team up with your outfits.   Bracelet watches are also hugely popular.

Statement necklaces are no longer the only accessories on our wish lists, unique womens watches are delightful gifts for her when it comes to anniversaries, birthdays and valentines day.  Now that I think about it a red ladies watch would be a great valentines day gift. 

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