Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ruched orchid print dress

Today is the kind of day when you get up and open up all the curtains in the house as you think that such booming sunshine outside can only mean that all is right with the world and we are going to have a bit of spring weather and a cracking hot summer.

This mornings mail just came through the door and what do you know - yippee a wedding invitation!!!!!!  Not until June though which gives me ample time to put an outfit and accessories together. I am always blessed to get myself an invitation to a wedding every year and I do so love weddings but can't help but agonise about getting my wedding outfit just right as after all it is a camera ready moment especially if you are caught on the wedding video and pictures.   

I like to think of it as a historical moment as once you are caught in the wedding video or wedding photos its not likely that they will be thrown away any time soon or ever at all. Plus these days you never know where these photos will end up as you can find yourself tagged in a photo on facebook where the person posting the photo looks absolutely fabulous and you like something the cat dragged in.

It's nice when I can simply wear an old wardrobe favorite but can I take the chance that I won't be double tagged on facebook at two different events in the same outfit.  A bit vain I know but I like to keep my look fresh and unpredictable.  At least the only thing predictable about my outfit is the fact that it will be stunning and unusual even if stunning simply meant a piece of unique jewellery to add tremendous depth and glamour to my wedding outfit.  With this orchid print dress, which is fabulous for concealing stomach and other bulges, all I'm going to need is my munique rock crystal bracelet if at all.  Just have to decide on which colour shoes now. 

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