Thursday, 24 May 2012

Crossover dress with copper jewellery

Moving house is always a great time to de-clutter in theory. But this is far easier said than done when you are a hoarder like me. There I was having to make split second decisions on what's staying or going as we had to pack in a mad rush. I got rid of quite a lot in the end though in hind sight I felt it would have been far easier to just get the packers in even though I'm not always comfortable with strangers handling my stuff.

Clothes on the other hand is probably one of the easiest things to pack when moving as your clothes are simply transferred on their hangers from your wardrobe to the movers wardrobe boxes and drawers from your chest of drawers are simply transported as is.  Yet because I knew I had a luncheon date at one of Birmingham's finest a la carte restaurant, Edmunds,  a few days after moving, I left nothing to chance and took the precaution of packing my intended outfit this crossover dress by Autograph separately.  I also packed my brown high heeled leather sandals and fashion accessories to avoid the mad panic of finding the right head scarf and jewellery to go with this dress.  My biggest dilemma was deciding whether to wear my copper jewellery to accentuate this ruched wrap dress or my unique pearl jewellery.  In the end, on the day I opted for copper earrings and my bali girl copper bracelet as it was a gloriously sunny day out.

Stripes are such a timeless favourite, which means that this autograph cross-over v-neck striped drape dress will certainly be hanging in my wardrobe (when it's constructed again) for a long time. 

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