Thursday, 24 May 2012

Clothes and appliance shopping in one

There's lots to argue about when trying to agree on a house you both like and when you do move in, there are further rows about whether or not you should totally update the bathroom or reuse perfectly good bathroom suites.  But one thing we both agree on is the fact that we need a dishwasher like yesterday as we are both tired of having to wash dishes manually.  What a chore when you are preparing meals twice daily for four.!!!

As usual I have been online looking for bargains not that there is much to be had when it comes to appliances as the competition is great and the margins small.  I must admit it is one of the things I am fearful of buying online unless it is from a reputable seller.  When I think about appliances my first port of call is Curry's or Comet but while browsing the new in categories for Marks and Spencer and John Lewis I realised that they are not only fabulous shopping outlets for clothes and fashion accessories but are great online one stop shops  for purchasing appliances.

I have had a look in the stores and online and have finally decided that I want a heavy duty reliable dishwasher brand like Bosch or Siemens with at least an A++ rating and using not more than 10 litres of water.  This is especially important as we are metered here and this plus the energy efficiency can save us a bundle in the end. Like my clothes I prefer to pay a bit more up front to have it last me a lot longer.

I think we have been procrastinating as we do need a new kitchen but rather than wait until a new kitchen is fitted, I'm just going to go ahead and get myself a fully integrated dishwasher which can easily be integrated in the new kitchen when it comes.  For now I'm simply going to slot my integrated dishwasher into place and use as it could be months before we agree on a new kitchen.

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