Friday, 8 May 2009

Vanessa Hudgens naturally stylish

While I love colour, I also find earthy colours like the browns very appealing and transseasonal. I am more partial to the warmer browns that teams well with hues of green, gold and rust. From the accessories in these Vanessa Hudgens photos it is obvious that she loves her neutral accessories. In two pictures Vanessa is carrying a fringed bag in a neutral colour. Her bag in the other two pictures is in a richer shade of brown with golden detailing.

Vanessa Hudgens naturally stylish
Vanessa Hudgens naturally stylish by Munique on

To get the Vanessa Hudgen's look, keep it simple and sytlish with Munique's handmade accessories starting with our fringe necklace which would team nicely with Vanessa's fringe bag. Our handcrafted copper jewellery with it's golden hues will add lovely accentuations to Hudgen's golden detailed tote bag.

Keep it earthy with our handcrafted Raku fired pendant and unique ring made from a piece of beach pottery found on the shores near East Lothian.

The Fan Necklace and Toy Earrings designed using toothpicks embellished with pearls is certainly a show stopper. Not only will it get you noticed but imagine the conversations you can have about it when people ask you - "Are thoses toothpicks? Perfect for Hudgens dressier occasions and newsworthy as well as she would certainly appear to be doing her part for the environment by wearing recycled jewellery creations?

Ah and the heart necklace ... well etch a -T- on it and it is the perfect love token from Troy - Zac Efron. This amazing salmon colour fits right in with Vanessa's love for earthy accessories. Made from stone, cut and polished into a lovely heart, this necklace is the perfect colour for her outfit when Troy gives Gabriella the T Necklace in High School Musical 2.

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