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Anniversary Gift Ideas With a Difference

When it comes to anniversary gift ideas there is always the traditional anniversary wedding giftideas as listed below. For the modern approach to anniversary gift giving you have to think outside of the box about what you want your gift to communicate to your loved one. Bear in mind that your gift does not have to cost the earth but that the significance of it should be remembered for a long time. You want to go for gifts that will last a lifetime just as you want your relationship to stand the test of time.

Paper 1 year
Wood 5 years
Pottery 10 years
Crystal 15 years
China 20 years
Silver 25 years
Pearl 30 years
Coral 35 years
Ruby 40 years
Sapphire 45 years
Gold 50 years
Emerald 55 years
Diamond 60 years

Flowers or a Perennial Flowering Plant
Nothing brings a smile to a woman's face than receiving flowers on some special occasion like wedding anniversary, valentine's day, birthday etc. I recently celebrated my ninth wedding anniversary and when I got home from the school run my husband had left a large hydrangea plant blooming with pink flowers on the table with a card. The card read "I hope this one can be the beginning of a new garden in our lives". How romantic I thought and I went all mushy inside.

anniversary gift, flowering plant, bougainvillea An exotic flowering plant like this Bougainvillea may be reminiscent of a romantic tropical vacation.

So flowers can definitely do the trick and a perennial flowering plant like a hydrangea even better as it lasts a long time and is a daily reminder of your wedding anniversary. Ten years from now when I look back at that plant the memories and the significance of my ninth wedding anniversary will come flooding back.

Not just any scarf, go for a knitted and felted lambs wool scarf nicely boxed. It will be a treasure to be worn on special occasions and then to be returned to its Cinderella box like the prized possession that it is. Every time she wears it and is asked "where did you get that" it will give her a warm feeling inside each time she says that her darling husband or loved one gave it to her on their wedding anniversary. A wedding anniversary gift like this a mother passes on to her daughter/s.
This Lambswool Scarf in hank orange would be greatly appreciated at anytime of year.

Unique Jewelery
Diamonds I know are a girl's best friend but individual handmade designer jewelery is always a treasure - again unique jewelery gifts can be handed down to generations to come. If your loved one is passionate about the environment and sustainable fashion then go for some truly innovative jewelery from recycled material. I am sure she or he will be pleased to know that you share their passion. You can find recycled jewelery made from toothpicks, recycled bottle all embellished with pearls to create that unique recycled gift. Books like Style, Naturally can give you even more ideas on eco friendly gifts.

Anniversary gifts for women, Fan Necklace by Mana Bernandes, eco jewellery, recycled jewellery Fan Necklace
Anniversary gifts for women, Toy Earring by Mana Bernandes, eco jewellery, recycled jewellery

Toy Earring

Unique accessories for men
When thinking about unique accessories for men go for handmade resin brooches and handmade cuff links or bespoke wallet, portfolio or briefcase as mentioned below. Ties, which might seem a mundane gift, can be made special if it is created from unique fabric like hand printed fabric.
Anniversary gifts for men, Navy Silk Knitted Tie by Nick Bronson
Anniversary gifts for men, Navy Silk Knitted Tie by Nick Bronson
This Navy Silk Knitted Tie by Bronson is textured with square ends featuring embroidered contrast red silk spot design. 100% silk.

Bespoke ladies leather handbags with a twist
Bespoke leather handbags, wallets, portfolios or briefcases with an image precious to yourself and your loved one printed on the inside of a handbag etc is absolutely priceless. I recently came across this company called Red Shoes where you can take in your images and have them printed on the inside of a bespoke handbag etc to create a unique lining. Each time your loved one opens his or her bag or briefcase they are reminded of each other. The picture could be anything you desire like a memorable vacation, honeymoon, or a special moment with the kids. This is creativity and thoughtfulness beyond measure.
anniversary gift idea, bespoke ladies handbag A "Wedding Gift" by Red Shoes Memories

These are just some modern ideas. I am sure if you have a good think about your loved one and the gift giving occasion then you can find the perfect anniversary gift, valentine's day gift or birthday gift as the case may be. The key is to give it enough time and thought to come up with a truly unique gift for your loved one.

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