Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fashion and Food

I came across this sumptuous looking dish in "Vicky Bhogal's new cookery book entitled Flavour: A World of Beautiful Food. This "Tiger Prawn and Manadarin Soup" dish looks so delish that I thought to myself that food like fashion is all about visuals. When I look at this I simply want to eat it and if it tastes half as good as it looks then I would be happy.

Flavour - a world of beautiful food, Vicky Bhogal

When it comes to food, what does it for me is smell and look. Visually it is all about the contrasting colours and tastewise all about the flavours. In this case the sweetness of the coconut milk tempered with the sourness of the mandarin and the saltiness of the fish sauce. This is obviously a thai dish and no doubt the colours in their dishes is resounded in the colours of their clothes. Regular readers of my blog know that I celebrate colour. So maybe what appeals to me most is the colourfulness of the food.

recycled sari kimono tops
Just as there is a mix of taste and texture in this dish so too I am drawn to the hot,colourful and spicy mix of patterns and colours in these recycled sari kimono tops. My personal favorites are the yellow patterned and the red patterned Kimono tops. The eco friendliness of the tops being made from recycled saris is also a big plus.

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