Thursday, 9 April 2009

Organizing Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe

Does your wardrobe look like this?
This wardrobe if you have not recognized it by now is the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Carrie as you may remember was not the most orderly person when it came to housekeeping as you can see from her wardrobe. But then I'm no Martha Stewart either though I can share a few tips in organizing your wardrobe that have worked for me.

Seasonal Cleanout
If like most people you do not have enough space to keep your entire wardrobe out at the same time then you must do a seasonal cleanout at least twice a year and store your out of season clothes in suitcases, vacuum pack bags, boxes etc. A wardrobe cleanout is also a good time to give unwanted clothes to charity, friends or siblings. Items of clothing that may be horribly wrong for your body shape or was just a bad buy may be ideal for someone else. Not to mention one woman's rubbish may be another woman's treasure.

Pick out year round wardrobe essentials
The first step is to select your year round wardrobe essentials like jeans, crisp white shirt, tee shirts, vests, tops, blouses, dresses and this list could go on and on depending on the style, make and fabric of these must haves.

A good guideline to use in determining your year round wardrobe essentials is to bear in mind that there are some clothes which you can layer up or layer down depending on the season. These are thus your essentials for your year round wardrobe which you can keep in your wardrobe at all times. To this you can then add your seasonal must haves. Other clothing that is winter or summer wear only can be stored away.

As summer approaches you can put away all your heavy winter coats, thick woollen jumpers, boots etc. It is a good idea to first clean clothes for storage so that they do not retain bad odours and are ready for use next winter.

Carrie adds a funky girl's touch to a basic boy's striped tee with a goddess pattern dress by cult Brazilian bikini designer Rosa Cha
Carrie's approach to layering is a little more ecletic. No doubt her year round wardrobe essentials may look more like this.

Select clothes for hanging and folding
If you have the space it is nice to have all your clothes on hangers so you can see exactly what you have. In the interest of space, fold wrinkle free clothes and store them on shelving in your wardrobe. You can either shelve them according to colour or garment for instance all browns together or all skirts together.

Do the same for the clothes with the privilege of hanging space in your wardrobe. In my view it is better to hang your clothes according to colour and patterns as this visual is invaluable when it comes to teaming up colours and patterns and coordinating outfits. I like to open my wardrobe and just stand back and look at it when determining what to wear. You will suddenly see matches of clothes that you had not thought of wearing together before. It is also a good idea to rearrange your colours from time to time putting different colour clothing and patterns next to each other. This again helps you to visualize new outfit combinations.

Shoe storage
If you are a designer shoe lover like Carrie then shoe boxes are a must to preserve them and keep them in prestine condition. Pack your shoes in individual shoe boxes so that they retain their shape and most importantly they can be stacked one on top of the other especially if you are cramped for space. If you are using under your bed as shoe storage then you do not want to be storing them unboxed as it can get quite dusty under there.

designer shoes, handmade shoes, handmade leather sandals

These are Carrie's brand new Manolos costing US$485 which is stolen when she is asked to leave them at the door when attending a Baby Shower. Check out the episode A Woman's Right to Shoes if you wish to refresh your memory.

Clear Shoe Boxes
Better yet go for clear boxes so that you can see exactly which shoe is in your shoe boxes. Have you ever had to search through all your boxes before finding that elusive pair you are looking for in the very last box? Well clear shoe boxes will save you that trouble. Plus when you stack them at the bottom of your wardrobe in clear shoe boxes then you can easily visualize them with your outfits. Ensure that you go for sturdy clear shoe boxes that can stack as some of them depending on the make can bend permanently out of shape when stacked.

clear shoe box, transparent shoe box, designer shoes, handmade shoes
Here are a pair of my shoes in a clear box. These transparent boxes really stack well and look almost as precious as Cinderella's glass slipper.

As it is now spring/summer stack your winter shoes/boots at the bottom or furthest to reach places since you would not be needing them in a hurry. Remember to invest in some boot boxes for easy storage.


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Nice tips!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh clear shoe boxes, I didn't know those existed, how brilliant! Where have those been all my life? Must stock up immediately!


Michelle said...

Clear shoeboxes are an AMAZING idea! Thank you, I will definitely have to look into that.

Bere tarde o temprano said...

Nice tips! it will help to organize my wardrobe for a while but since I´m a mess I don´t think it will last!!!

Nice blog!

-h said...

despite my best efforts my closet always looks so cluttered, probably because it doubles as storage.
the episode where carrie's shoe was stolen is one of my FAVORITE episodes.

Anonymous said...

A well designed walk in wardrobe is what you need, beautiful and elegant furniture, not just a storage solution..try