Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Vintage Fashion for Spring Wedding

I am attending a wedding in the next two weeks and wanted to get a start on my outfit. Well this is late even for me as I like to have my outfits way in advance so I could get the perfect fashion accessories to match especially since I like handcrafted fashion accessories. With handcrafted fashion accessories and the problem of limited stock sometimes it is necessary to order it. Thus I like to give myself 6-8 weeks when planning a wedding outfit or any other special occasions outfit for that matter. On the other hand when I find unique fashion accessories I usually buy it and then find an outfit to match.

My girlfriend who is getting married simply loves vintage fashion so naturally I have narrowed my choice down to vintage fashion. I was quite worried about the time I would have to spend rumaging through vintage fashion boutiques for a suitable vintage outfit. Luckily for me Marks and Spencer have just launched a fabulous vintage collection in celebration of their 125th anniversary. These exclusive garments have been inspired by some of the beautiful pieces in their archive and reference the iconic decades of the 20th century.

So I have two outfits in mind and would really love your feedback as to which one you prefer and why.

This '70s Inspired Ruched Neck Maxi Dress is plain but so very elegant. While I would prefer something brighter for Spring, I simply love this aubergine colour and could see myself getting a lot of wear out of this vintage piece. If I were to select this for the wedding then this is one Christmas or New Years Party wear taken care of already.

Then I have also fallen for this Per Una Embroidered Shift Dress straight '60's style design with embroidered metallic detail. I like the detailing in the hem and the embroidery is simply classic. If I go for this sleeveless dress I will have to invest in a coat as well like This Per Una Antibes Belted Mac

The shimmering finish of this coat simply shouts class and quality. The long flared sleeves and flared skirtline is really flattering and I could see myself getting lots of wear from this coat. This for me is a wardrobe must have even if I do not use it for the wedding. And best of all this coat can be washed effectively at 30°C, so no dry cleaning expense.

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