Friday, 15 May 2009

Plus sizes for women

This week I ran around the high street trying to find some jeans for my husband who was travelling this week and last minute decided that he needed a new pair of jeans. To my horror most high street shops carry jeans up to a size 36-38 and length is also a problem as my husband is tall. Finally a kind store clerk directed me to a store for big and tall men. I mean you can get some generous sizes in there and length is no problem.

So I imagined that big and tall women must have the same problem and when I say big I don't mean fat but that genetics and body structure means that not every body can healthily be a size 8-12 and that being size 14+ does not necessarily mean that you are obese. Big and tall women must experience the same problem as men with regards to trousers width and length and arm lengths when it comes to long sleeve tops and blouses.

At the conventional high street stores,big and tall women will find that most things they like either do not come in their size or fit well for whatever reason as they are not tailored to fit their shape. But when you shop in big and tall outlets like la Redoute's Taillissime range for en plus women you will find that size is not a problem and that you are not spoilt for choice as most if not all their gorgeous french fashion range comes in your size. More importantly it is figure flattering sizes ranging from 14-34.
ladies Plus Size Clothes, Batik Top, Batik Blouse
This Antik Batik low-cut round neckline top is just one of the many creative fashions to choose from in the Taillissime range. Enhanced with buttoned teardrop opening, this flamboyant coloured blouse is perfect for that summer barbecue this weekend. Blouse is made from 100% cotton voile.

Ladies plus size clothes, off the shoulder blouse
This Asymmetrical Blouse is definitely charming with it's versatile boat neckline which can be switched from side to side. The batwing sleeves and ruffled hem adds simple yet sophisticated detail to this blouse. Pink and grey always go well and with the addition of polkdots this is a trans seasonal, flirty and playful party blouse.

This Sleeveless Dress is simple yet stylishly structured with it's asymmetrical lines. The round neckline with seaming under the bust and at back and the bust darts makes for a comfortable fit. This simple summer dress is detailed with fancy seaming front and back, side seam pocket with fancy button. Accessorize with Munique's copper and brass thorn necklace to continue the asymmetrical team of this dress.
Ladies plus size clothes, summer dress
copper jewellery, copper and brass jewellery, unique copper jewellery

This beautiful ''1970s'' Style Dress with dramatic and very colourful print will also team well with Munique's copper and brass jewellery or our handmade Raku Copper Circles Pendant.

Ladies plus size clothes, summer dress
handcrafted jewellery, handmade jewellery,

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Princessa said...

Lovely collection. it is great to find clothes that fit tall and curvy girls.