Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year Fashion Resolutions

Swarovski Cluster
It’s that time of year to reflect on our past as we watch our future loom in front of us. Since this is a fashion blog, open your wardrobe and take a look at the clothing, jewellery and accessories you have acquired over the last year and ask yourself what does my clothes say about me?

You know the old adage “a picture paints a thousand words”. What you wear says a lot about your style and confidence. As I have said before, when you look good you feel good even if other aspects of your life are not perfect. While it is lovely to look good to impress, the only person you should be doing it for is you.

Clothes by their very nature are ephemeral meaning “existing for a very short time”. Fashion trends change and seasons change but clothes and fashion accessories can be an investment. They must be trendy for the moment but classic enough to outlast the moment and be worn time and time again – like stripes and polka dots, corduroy jackets, argyle sweaters to name a few. Why do you think there is a market for vintage clothing? The key is good design, quality fabric and well made pieces.

If one of your resolutions is to become thrifty this year, then thrift when it comes to buying clothes and fashion accessories should mean quality and not quantity. Look at your wardrobe as asset building, adding a piece at a time until you have a substantial investment that you can enjoy wearing for a long time and even sell on as vintage.

Start by buying yourself one piece of amazing jewellery. Like this fabulous sterling silver ring with 50 sparkling Swarovski crystals arbitrarily connected so no two rings are the same. Makes a lovely jingle jangle noise. A great piece that will help you create an original look.

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