Friday, 2 January 2009

How To Look Thinner

Over Christmas, I have munched on an obscene amount of chocolate, mince pies and other nibbles and snacks, washed down with mulled wine, champagne and lots more. So it is not really surprising, on January 1st, when I put on my skinny jeans, they were a bit tight around the waist.

Of course, I am sure that once I have got into the swing of my new year exercise and healthy eating plan, they will fit just fine again. Over the next few weeks, I am employing some emergency tactics to disguise the Christmas spread that I have acquired over the last few weeks.

This seasons trend for black is ideal for the new year. There is no denying that black and dark colours are definitely slimming. A black outfit can be dressed up with coloured accessories for a really eye catching outfit.

long leather heart necklace
Another great way of slimming down the torso is to wear a long necklace or scarf which creates the illusion of a longer and more svelte body. This Jasper and long leather, passionate heart necklace from Munique Fashions is a great way to streamline the body.

A scoop neck top with three quarter length sleeves also seems to have a very slimming effect and balances out the middle of my body.

recycled jewellery
I have long hair and tying it up in a high pony tail has an instant slimming effect. I like to use jewellery to decorate the ponytail for a really glamourous look. This spatial necklace from Munique Fashions will look great.
pin striped shirt
If all else fails, I always find pin stripes do the trick. Vertical and diagonal stripes can take off pounds (but remember horizontals are a definite no no). I love this Chilli Pepper striped shirt from Littlewoods.

Finally, high heels and boot cut trousers will balance out the wider bit in the middle and add height making you look slimmer.

The number one thing to avoid, if you are experiencing a little bit of Christmas spread, is clothing that is too tight. Unfortnately my skinny jeans will have to go back in the cupboard for a week or two.

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